Rose gold and silver foil are here!

So about a million years ago, way back in 2007, Big Ben proposed to me on the balcony of Square Books in Oxford, Mississippi—the home of our alma mater, Ole Miss. And after he took a knee and proposed using the very words that my grandfather spoke when he proposed to my grandmother so many years ago, he gave me the rose gold antique-inspired engagement ring I had been dreaming about since about a month after we started dating (hey! when you know, you know).

(You can skip to the 1:40 mark to get to the good stuff and click here to read the story behind that book I was reading.)

rose gold antique-style engagement ring and wedding band

I’ve never stopped loving rose gold and I’m so happy to see that it’s still sticking around the fashion world after all these years. I honestly think it will always be lovely and in style, which is why I was really excited to get a commission for the Austen invitation in navy ink and rose gold foil for a summer magazine release. SO, all of this is to say—in a day or so, rose gold and silver foil will be 2 new upgrade options joining  gold foil in the Lucky Luxe color palette and I’m really happy and stupidly sentimental about that. Here’s a little preview Austen and Boudoir in our newest foils:

rose gold foil letterpress Austen wedding invitation by Lucky Luxe

silver foil letterpress Boudoir wedding invitation by Lucky Luxe