Art Nouveau Destination Wedding

Andrea and Sean are having a destination wedding in Malta and she requested a Bespoke invitation suite that would be art nouveau-inspired. Somehow, no one has ever requested that of Lucky Luxe and I was thrilled to give it a whirl. I love working with the celadon color family, so we mixed in some grey pieces for contrast and here are the lovely results (many thanks to our new pressman, Friedrich Kerksieck):

Welcome Annalee to Lucky Luxe!

For the first time in the history of Lucky Luxe—I have a real, honest-to-goodness co-worker!
Which (frighteningly) makes me somebody’s boss. Which is awful and weird sounding. So I won’t call it that.
At my rehearsal dinner, November 21, 2008.

Me, Annalee, and Hope at Annalee’s baby shower last summer. Look how Photoshopped the photographer made us! We’re very… Stepford.

Annalee and I have been friends since we were wee little girls. Our parents were childhood friends, our grandparents were the very best of friends, and we first got to know each other at sleepovers and play dates. There is a photo somewhere out there of the two of us, 8 years old, holding balloons posing for the ‘No-Cavities’ club at her daddy’s dental practice.
We lost touch in high school and college, not for any reason really—we just went to different schools (I was a rebel and she a bulldog) and had different extracurriculars. After we were both college grads we got reconnected (thanks facebook), and were excited to be planning our weddings at the same time. I went first, then she followed a couple months later, and when it was time to design her wedding invitations she trusted me to do the job. My very first paid wedding invitation job. She gave me total creative freedom, and I gave her the now somewhat famous handkerchief save-the-dates. Because of that single blog post, a wedding photographer in New York found me and ordered them for her own wedding and thus, Lucky Luxe Couture Correspondence was born.
She knows everything about etiquette, is a genius in public relations (she should be—she has a master’s degree in it), and knows all the ins and outs of event planning. Naturally, she was at the top of my list to help me make Lucky Luxe grow someday.
And now, we’re finally there. Her official title is general manager and design consultant, meaning she helps new clients navigate the laws of etiquette, choose a design, and place their orders.
If y’all have a chance, leave her a hello!

The Napiers.

There’s this funny thing—when you do something for a living, you’re the last one to use your own services. I’ve been a stationer for over 2 years now, but never set aside the time to create a stationery suite for Ben and I. Finally, finally…

Grey letterpress on ecru Crane Lettra. I did custom silhouettes the day he finally got a haircut. What a gent!

I tried not to let it get too feminine since Ben is on there too. No swirly fonts for this one. A while back, I gave him calling cards for our first wedding anniversary, and I thought this would all coordinate nicely.