Sneak Peek: Hope & Jonathan

I’ve been eagerly awaiting the day when I could finally design this particular invitation. Hope has been my best friend since our 7th grade art class. That year we painted little ceramic tiles of our names, and later they were glued side by side into the backsplash of the classroom. Just like those tiles, we’ve been stuck like glue ever since. When she and Jonathan began quietly dating a few years ago, I had no clue I would someday be writing their names on such an important document! She wanted her invitation to reflect the fun, informal setting of their upcoming wedding with lots of bright colors and hand-drawn nature-inspired elements, with silhouettes of their likeness to add a touch of tradition.

The wedding will be a colorful and festive affair on the lawn of a beautiful 1900-era home, with floral print bridesmaid dresses and games on the lawn, and they’ll be serving corn dogs and candy apples from a carnival wagon while dance music from the 50s and 60s plays for the guests. I am just dying for June to arrive so I can see my sweetest friend become Mrs. Staples.

Deco in Vintage Blue

Last week, we shipped out this lovely Deco suite in vintage blue and metallic gold:

I think this suite feels especially French-inspired in this palette.

Baby Duhon

Although Lucky Luxe is truly a wedding stationer, every now and then an expectant mama sends us an inquiry that we can’t refuse. Justice was just such a mama, except she already had a tee-tiny little baby girl who was born prematurely. With such a blessing to share with their friends and family, the Duhons asked us for an announcement that would be delicate and beautiful, just like their baby girl.
I especially love the scripture they chose from Proverbs: Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways, acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths.
As we were working together on the suite, baby Cecilia was still in the neonatal unit. Can you believe my dear friend and photographer, Sam, was able to take such an angelic photo under the glare of hospital lights? This photo was tucked beneath the belly band of the announcement.

Now baby Cecilia is finally home. Miracles happen all the time, y’all!

Basket Shower & Brunch

Today’s post is a little personal project for my best friend Hope who’s getting married this summer. Since 7th grade we’ve been attached at the hip and when she asked me to be her matron of honor, I was… Well, completely honored!
When Ben and I got married she wanted to throw us a shower that was out of the ordinary—a basket shower. Have you heard of this? Ladies were assigned a certain kind of basket to bring, say a “Mrs. Fix-It” basket or a “Gourmet Basket”, where a related container is filled with all sorts of goodies that you can’t register for—the things that make an empty house into a home. As soon as she set a date, I decided to throw the same shower for her. If you’re ever in charge of planning a shower, I highly recommend it. We needed and used every last thing that we were given at that shower! My neighbor Mallorie and I are hosting at her loft apartment and whipping up a yummy brunch. She’s even going to attempt making cake pops like the ones from Starbucks!
I wanted the shower invitations to have the look of a vintage, springish postcard, but in a greeting card format with more information inside:
I’ve been saving these lovely Audubon-style bird illustrations for this very sort of thing!

Since bridesmaids and friends are also receiving a card inviting them to a bachelorette party, I bought these great little cellophane envelopes for mailing them:
We’re so pleased with how the cellophane envelopes turned out that Lucky Luxe will now be offering them for our postcard clients. That’s pretty exciting, huh?