Calling all past clients!

I just realized how pitiful my photography skills are when browsing the only photos I have of our invitations and I would really appreciate if any of you past clients would please forward me any photos your wedding photographers might have taken of your paper goods. Just email me any information to Thank you darlings!

Color palette #1

This is generally not my cup of tea, but I recently saw a photo that inspired a color palette that I would LOVE to use. Variations on the grey/pink scheme have become popular recently, but I prefer that the pink drift in the peach direction. There’s something nostalgic about it, like a satin slip or a cameo necklace.


It’s high time I added a new design to the Lucky Luxe arsenal, so today I give you: L’ouiseau. An invitation to compliment the very popular Paris postcard.

The focal point of this invitation are its shaky, handwritten typefaces and swirling calligraphic doves.

I honestly just can’t get enough of the handwritten look, so you’ll be seeing more of these typefaces in future Lucky Luxe pieces. Happy Monday!

Real(ish). Vintage. Postcards.

I have some exciting news, folks. I know how you have loved the vintage postcards, but things are getting even better. The Lucky Luxe vintage postcards are now being printed on linen, just like in the old days! Check out your grandparents’ World War II era correspondence and I’ll bet it’s on linen stock. (actual vintage linen postcard found via Flickr)

(actual Lucky Luxe design just WAITING to be printed!)

I’ve been searching for the right printer who can take on the jobs we create with the kind of quality all my sweet couples deserve and we’ve found our winner.

Cheers to the new year.

Today, I’m thankful for the blessings that last year brought us and grateful for the opportunity to move on from the things that held us down or broke our spirit. This print I found on etsy gave me the notion to finally get around to doing something I’ve been thinking about for a long time now. I’ve started another blog, one that will document the one most important thing that happened on that particular day. You can read all about it here: Make something good today. Soon, you’ll find Lucky Luxe popping up at the ever gracious and always fabulous Once Wed and I hope that we’ll be well-received by those precious readers. My goal for 2010 is to be an example of optimism this year, to keep my chin up if business is down, to bake once a week, to pray fervently, to love wholely, to work hard, and to make something good every day.

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