A Swedish Print-At-Home Wedding

Did you know that we offer a print-at-home option in which you get the custom design experience with a tiny price tag? We think it’s an awesome option — especially for our really crafty DIY brides. Alexandra is from Sweden and she and Charlie are getting hitched there this coming August. She was daring enough to take on everything for her wedding in a print-at-home package (our L’Ouiseau collection), then enlisted the fabulous Jenna Hein to address the envelopes. I love all the details — the vintage postage (found at The Paper Nickel), the little extras Jenna wrote on the envelopes, the baker’s twine… Everything, really! If you’re looking for great design on a budget, this is a perfect example of what’s possible.

Art Deco Elegance

Hot off the presses are Bethany and Garret’s bespoke invitations for an art deco-inspired wedding. Bethany’s wedding day aesthetic centers around feathers, vintage chandeliers, and birdcages with a soft gold and vintage pink palette. I had a blast creating this suite which combined elements of Orchard, L’Ouiseau and Boudoir. Have a look!

Flights of fancy

I’m sort of twitterpated with the newest design that rolled off the presses yesterday! Jessica contacted us a few weeks ago and asked for the Boston invite but with a dash of whimsy. She mentioned the scene from Disney’s Cinderella where the little birds are helping her get dressed for the ball, and it felt natural to make the threads of their names like little ribbons with swallows flitting around them. I can’t wait for Jessica to see them in person!

Katherine’s wedding

I always love to see my clients’ weddings finally come to fruition after all the planning and design is in place! A few months back, we created this invitation for Katherine, a fabulous hairpiece designer who’s even created accessories for Lady Gaga:

I should have known that anyone whose work is featured on the cover of Neiman Marcus (one of her hairbows will be on the 2010 Christmas look book!) would of course be a knockout on her wedding day, but this little snapshot has me really looking forward to seeing her official wedding photos: