Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

We're more than happy to answer your questions, but we've got the answers to just about everything you might want to know listed below by topic. There's all kinds of good information here!


Can I see some samples?

Of course you can!

A sample pack including up to 4 designs  can be purchased by clicking the ‘order samples’ button on any design’s page. If  If there is no sample button on the product, a sample is not available.

Specific color requests are not available and a sample typically includes an invitation and reply card + any other enclosure cards if available. Samples are shipped via USPS First Class Mail.


Can I see a sample of my design and text before we order?

No, you have to place an order to receive custom artwork. No templates here, every design is made-to-order just for you!

Will my invitations be the exact same color as the sample I purchased?

Not necessarily. Our samples are actual pieces from previous weddings and are only intended to show you the quality you can expect from a Lucky Luxe invitation. Sample colors may be custom mixed inks or variations on the Lucky Luxe palette, and they may change slightly with age. We don’t document which wedding’s sample customers receive, and so the sample you see is not the reference point for ink matching when we are printing your order. If you have any questions about the nuances of color, be sure to communicate that to your designer in the proofing process.


When should I order invitations?

To see an easy timeline calculator from order to ship date, view our  wedding stationery timeline planner.  It’s best to order about 4-6 months before the wedding date, or as soon as you know the guest list size. Order early enough to allow time for printing, addressing, assembling and mailing your invitations 6-8 weeks before the wedding date.

When should I place a custom order?

Because we can only take on a limited number of custom orders per year, please inquire about availability as soon as you’ve booked your venue.

When should I order save-the-dates?

For save-the-dates, you should order as soon as your venue is booked and mail them to your guests 6-12 months before the wedding.

Will I get to see a proof before my order is printed?

Absolutely! Since every design is customized, the proofing process is the most important step of all. For Collection orders, you’ll receive one initial PDF proof, then you have two free revision rounds to get everything exactly the way you want it. We’ll send one final pre-press proof for you to keep in your records. Changes to this proof and beyond incur a $45 per revision fee. Be sure to have at least two other sets of eyes proof everything very carefully for both spelling and accuracy since reprints are full price in most instances. Custom clients receive a PDF with three initial from-scratch concepts, then the above proofing process applies to the chosen concept.

How long will it take to get my order?

Ideally, we email your first digital invitation proof 16 weeks (4 months) before your wedding date. If you are ordering later, your proof date will be scheduled for the earliest available date, usually 10-14 business days after you place your order depending on seasonal schedules.  These are the shipping day timelines from final proof approval and payment:

  • Handkerchiefs: 3-5 weeks
  • Letterpress: 4 weeks (3-week rush is available for a 30% fee)
  • Flatprint: 10-14 business days
  • Postcards: 5-7 business days


Can you address my envelopes or postcards?

No, we do not offer addressing but recommend hand written calligraphy for all Lucky Luxe invitations to complete the look.

How many extra envelopes will my calligrapher need?

We recommend ordering 20% extra envelopes for calligraphy mess-ups.

Can you tell me how much postage each invitation will require?

Unfortunately, every post office judges the postage price differently. Our post office might say 49 cents is sufficient, while another says 65 or even 85 cents. It’s best to wait until you receive your order and take a complete set to your local post office to be accurately weighed to insure your guests receive their invitations.


What domestic shipping options are available?

We offer free UPS Ground shipping on all orders in the United States with a 300 or less quantity. A shipping quote will be given for orders larger than 300. Rush orders come with free ground shipping as well, and expedited shipping is available at an additional cost.

I live outside of the United States. Can you ship to me?

Absolutely! If you don’t mind taking on the international shipping and customs tax (where applicable), we will ship your order via US Express Mail.


What are your refund and cancellation policies?

If you decide to cancel before we’ve printed your order, we will retain your non-refundable 50% deposit. If you decide to cancel your order after final approval is made, we reserve the right to keep the full payment amount. Because every Lucky Luxe order is custom, we do not accept returns or offer refunds. If errors are found after final approval is made, the cost of a reprint is the client’s responsibility.

Honey draws more flies than vinegar.

Remember, if for some reason you are unhappy with something, please talk to us reasonably because we’re real people who really do want you to love the work we create, not an automated service like Amazon or Netflix. If you go bridezilla on us, we reserve the right to end our working relationship immediately. If you’re the tough-talking feisty type, Lucky Luxe might not be your cup of tea.  These instances are extremely rare, but as Southerners we really must abide by the old saying that everyone should either ‘be nice or leave.’


What is letterpress?

Plates with raised designs are inked and then pressed onto soft, cotton paper — a technique that is more a form of art rather than science as no 2 pieces are exactly alike. Because the paper is hand-fed on an antique press, each piece is subtly unique. Not only do letters appear crisp on heavy cotton paper, but you can feel the recessed texture around the type. This is the distinctive characteristic of letterpress that makes it stand out among other printing methods used today.

What is flatprint?

Heavyweight cardstock and envelopes are digitally printed in the colors of your choosing. This is a faster and inexpensive printing method that’s perfect for budget-minded clients who don’t want to sacrifice couture design.

Do invitations come with inner and outer envelopes?

All Lucky Luxe invitations come with complimentary printed mailing envelopes. Unprinted formal inner envelopes are available for an additional fee.

Can I change the fonts shown on the example?

If you can send us an image of a font you love, we probably have it in our font library. If we do, we’re more than happy to make that change at no cost.

Can I change the colors shown on the example?

The examples you see on the website can be printed in any color from the Lucky Luxe ink palette.  If you are ordering letterpress and want a color not listed, we can purchase a custom Pantone ink for a one-time $75 fee if you provide us with a Pantone code or swatch.

How many should I order? Are only quantities of (25) available?

Additional reprints are very costly after your design is approved and printed so it’s best to determine your needed quantity by counting households, not guests, then adding 20% extra for last-minute guest list additions and keepsakes before placing your order. The cost difference for quantities less than (25) is so minimal, it’s best to round up.

What's the difference between gold foil and old gold ink?

Gold foil is a luxury letterpress upgrade, while old gold ink is a standard letterpress ink option. Gold foil is shiny, highly metallic and uses a letterpress heat transfer process that presses a thin layer of gold foil into the paper. Old gold ink is subtly metallic matte ink used in letterpress. Click here to see a comparison of gold foil and old gold letterpress ink. Metallic colors are not available for flatprint.

Can I mix flatprint and letterpress pieces in my invitation suite to save money?

We don’t offer the option to mix flatprint and letterpress in your invitation suite because it’s very difficult to make ink color matches between the printing methods. However, you can always choose flatprint for pieces that are not included in the envelope with your letterpress invitation like ceremony programs, menus, and place cards.


How are handkerchiefs mailed? Will other enclosure cards fit?

We recommend that you fold the handkerchief into the shape of a traditional invitation, and place inside the envelope. If you order enclosure cards as well, it’s best to fold the handkerchief around them.

Click here to download the handkerchief guide which includes a folding tutorial.

Can I choose the colors and styles of my floral handkerchiefs?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer specific colors or styles in floral handkerchiefs. What you receive is an assortment of styles and colors with your design (in your chosen ink color) screenprinted on vintage reproduction hankies.

What is the smallest order I can place for handkerchiefs?

The smallest quantity we offer in handkerchiefs is (12).

Can I get my handkerchiefs faster than 5-7 weeks?

Due to demand, rush is not available for handkerchiefs. So sorry about that!

Can I supply my own handkerchief collection?

We happily invite brides who collect their own handkerchiefs to send them to us for design and printing at the time of order placement. In this instance, production time would only require about 4 weeks.


Can you make a custom Destination postcard for my venue or city? Is there a customization fee for that?

Custom destination postcards are our specialty! There’s no catalog of cities to choose from, because we make every single Destination postcard on an individual basis—even small towns and international destinations. There is never an additional fee for this customization.

Can I see my Destination postcard image before we order?

No, you have to place an order before we begin creating your postcard. We have vintage archive images for just about every city and landmark in America to pull from (even the small towns!) and if we don’t have an actual vintage image we can use a new photo and give it a vintage patina. You can request changes to your design with your 2 free revision rounds.

Can you remove the line with the company logo and website from the back of my postcard?

No. Actual vintage postcards always had the mark of that design house on the backside in the center, and so do ours. That is not removable because it gives our signature designs vintage authenticity.

Can I change the colors of the Kate postcard?

Our vintage bird illustration from the Kate postcard looks a little strange when the colors are edited, but we will happily change the color of the flower and text.

Can I change the colors of the Gatsby postcard?

Yes! You can edit the colors, right down to the bride and groom’s hair.

Can I change the colors of the Paris postcard?

Yes! All colors are editable on the Paris postcard.

Do I need an envelope to mail my postcards? Will they be safe in the mail?

Our postcards are mailable as-is. We think that adding a paper envelope defeats the inherent purpose of a postcard, so we don’t recommend using them. Every once in a while a postal sort machine may damage the postcards. If that’s a concern for you, you might want to visit this recommended vendor to purchase USPS-approved mailable cellophane sleeves. You must place the stamp on the cellophane (not the postcard) if you decide to go this route.

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