Absinthe in Manhattan via Seattle

Kate and Bill are having a Seattle wedding with reception in England, and they wanted to use an absinthe green for the Manhattan invitation suite. I am loving this suite so much:

I’m also loving this springish weather we’re experiencing in Mississippi. It’s 70 degrees and sunny out there. Merry Christmas!

Molly & Ken’s art nouveau wedding

Hi folks! Yesterday was a banner day for Lucky Luxe—our sweet clients, Molly & Ken, were featured on Martha Stewart Weddings. It was the first time for me to see their smiling faces and I felt all mushy in my heart seeing their precious wedding photos.
Doesn’t Molly remind you of a young Demi Moore?
My favorite photo is of Ken, a big tough guy, getting emotional as Molly walked the aisle and he laid eyes on her for the first time that day. I have a thing for sentimental men because I’m married to one myself.

This, folks is what a wedding is really about—not the invitations or flowers or dress, love so overwhelming, you just HAVE to marry a person to satisfy your heart. I do love getting to work with people who are in the midst of that kind of love.
Back in February, there was a post on the brainstorming process for their save-the-dates, in which Molly envisioned a French flea market, art nouveau, home style wedding. For the invitations she gave me no constraints on color, and insisted that I use my intuition to determine the palette. Here are the fun results:

Happy Wednesday, y’all!

Tactile Goodies

I’ve had the pleasure of working with 2 brides over the last couple of months with amazing visions for their Bespoke wedding invitations. Hallie and I met as art majors at Ole Miss, and I was flattered that she (a talented designer herself) called on Lucky Luxe to create her wedding invitations. She’s getting married in the same chapel at Ole Miss where Ben and I were married, then having a throw down wedding reception at the Big Truck Theater near Oxford. She wanted the invitations to reflect a mix of soft, traditional elements in desaturated grey, green and blue tones, and a rustic touch with kraft paper envelopes. The results turned out beautifully—possibly my favorite thing we’ve ever done:

We used a celadon ink for the flowers, and vintage blue for the text.

The flowers are so dimensional it’s like they’re real.

Kraft paper paired with traditional fonts

Heather & Jesse, a couple from London, wanted a glamorous invitation—silver script and formal serifs, with a monogram crest and painted edges. Her wedding will be a New Orleans soiree, and we wanted to bring the architectural and ornamental styles of the French Quarter into the design.
The blind embossed ornaments are the star of the invitation.

Don’t you love it when the paper takes an impression so beautifully, it’s like butter?