Y’all come in!

For those of you who don’t know, I have been keeping a journal of the one best thing that happens each and EVERY day on my personal blog, Make Something Good Today. It documents only the good things in the daily life of the Napiers and tonight’s post is going to be pretty juicy. Since I am separated by states, countries and continents from 95% of the sweet brides that work with Lucky Luxe, I’ll be posting some images of our loft home/studio this evening. It’ll make me feel less hermit-ish and solitary to pretend you all stopped by for a Coke and some wedding talk. For now here’s a little sneak preview:

Celtic apothecary calling cards

Because my husband’s family comes from a big Scottish clan, we were dying to have bagpipes in our wedding, and Jessie is the incredibly talented piper who did that for us. She’s a rare bird, being one of the only girl pipers in the state of Mississippi, and for that reason I wanted her cards to be equally rare, eccentric and bold. These were printed on ecru cotton Lettra, and it’s like holding a little piece of turn of the century ephemera in your hand. I hope these will serve her well!