Luther Luxe is here.

Erin here today, and we’ve got some super exciting news for y’all… After a couple years of brainstorming and preparation, Lucky Luxe is expanding.

My husband Ben is a man who likes timeless things. Classic cars, shaving mugs and straight razors, Hemingway, Faulkner, Ray-Bans and westerns. He believes in putting pen to paper and writing a note of thanks when he receives a gift. He likes Gene Hackman and Clint Eastwood and believes a gentleman should be both rugged and socially polished, romantic but not clichéd, well-dressed and able to fix or build anything.



At his urging and because I believe there are bound to be other men out there who would agree, he inspired us to think outside the wedding box and create something just for the gents. This is what he wrote about our newest business: “A gentleman should take pride in his name. It’s the one thing about him that never changes. Investing in custom stationery is investing in that name which conjures the standards of our fathers and grandfathers. Be it a calling card handed to the green-eyed beauty at the bar or a note card to an old friend, letterpress stationery makes a classic statement that no electronic transmission can.”

Luther Luxe, named after my great-grandfather, is now open for business. Your groom might appreciate our goods, and so would his groomsmen. That’s a shameless plug, I know.

Ben is going to be working with clients in the new shop, so send him a note and say hello at ben{at}!