One Week at Lucky Luxe

Today, Sarah-Guyton, our recent one-week intern, will be guest blogging. I’m so thankful for her help while Annalee has been out of the studio!

Earlier this year, I approached Erin about doing a brief internship with Lucky Luxe to learn more about running a small design business. My sister found her blog online, like many other people, and forwarded the site to me. I immediately asked my mother, an old family friend of Erin’s parents, to contact Erin about a “mini” internship this summer. I was afraid that she wouldn’t know who I was if I asked her directly! I’m so thankful that I had this opportunity to visit with Erin and learn about her career and business. While my time with Lucky Luxe was brief, I picked up many helpful tips and insights:

Be a good business manager.

It surprised me to learn that many people think Lucky Luxe is run by a large team of designers and office staff. In reality, Lucky Luxe has one designer and one business manger and works with 3 pressmen. This month, Erin is running the shop alone while Annalee is taking a school course! She is super organized and never seems stressed out by her workload. For example, this week she had a shipment of envelopes go missing. It took her awhile to figure out where the envelopes were shipped (a customer service rep at the paper company suggested the package might have been signed by someone at the Lucky Luxe loading docks ha!), but she remained calm and collected the whole time!

Cultivate your artistry and skill.

The cards that Erin designs are so intricate and beautiful, and I love the postcards and the hankies! Erin is constantly challenging herself to find new embellishments, fonts, and faster ways to edit images. I learned so many new things that I can’t wait to use in Photoshop and Illustrator! Biggest lesson: even though free fonts seem super amazing on the outside… nothing beats what you can do with a paid font! (this is a tough lesson for those of us who are college kids trying to design outside of the fonts already on our computers!) 🙂

Fill your life with the things you love.

Ben and Erin’s loft apartment (Lucky Luxe headquarters) is absolutely adorable and truly reflects who they are and what they value. I love literally EVERYTHING about her apartment! While I realize that it’s important to find inspiration in everyday things, it is also essential to make your environment into something that will inspire you.

Embrace and promote your community.
After calling Laurel home for nearly twenty years, my family moved away in 2006. The city, and especially the downtown area, has changed so much since we left! Laurel has so many unique things to offer, like an amazing crepe shop and tons of loft apartments! This whole week I felt like i was in a different city. Both Erin and Ben are very involved in Laurel Main Street and I am very excited to see what this part of town becomes in the next few years.

Erin, thank you so much for letting me visit with you for the week. You taught me so much about being an artist and a businesswoman. I am eager to try out your tips and tricks. Your grace, hospitality, and passion will inspire me for years to come.

Thank YOU, Sarah-Guyton! It was amazing having another set of eyes to critique our work and another set of hands to prepare our orders. You’re welcome anytime at Lucky Luxe!