Brooke & Brandon

Lucky Luxe is situated on Magnolia Street in a sunny 100 year old loft in downtown Laurel, Mississippi. We have a great neighborhood of friends here, as Ben and I, both our college roommates and their spouses, our friends who are artists and ministers and musicians and students and designers and financial advisors, accountants and stylists all live and work right here within these few blocks of downtown. We have get-togethers in the park below our windows in the fall, and dinner parties in our loft apartments when the heat is too stifling outdoors. Just a block over, right around the corner, is a coffee shop & deli where some of our friends work and where we spend lazy afternoons. One of these girls is my sweet friend Brooke who just got married last weekend to Brandon, another downtown boy. They had a true DIY wedding, with lots of help from their uber-creative friends that I’m so proud to call my neighbors. Here, you can see some of their gorgeous photos by Mississippi wedding photographers Lovely Union:

Bouquet made by the bride’s sister Dawn of Hello Dearie, friend Gabby of Anchor & Sparrow, and all the bridesmaids. Her fingernails were the something blue!

Brandon & Brooke, photo by Sara Beth Hinton

The awesome boutonniers were also made by Dawn, Gabby & the bridesmaids.

Gabby of Anchor & Sparrow and her boyfriend Patrick, who was my own wedding photographer in 2008.

As a wedding professional and blogger, I’ve long been aware of the lack of attention sweet little Mississippi gets for all the cool things happening here. We may not be from the big city, but we’re a very creative and hospitable bunch. I just wish you could come visit and see for yourself.