Introducing Flora

The Lucky Luxe Collection has been historically style-centric from the very beginning, and I realized we might be leaving out our more bohemian brides searching for an aesthetic that’s colorful and organic and those brides on a budget looking for interesting flat print options that don’t sacrifice high style. Letterpress might be the glamorous madame of printing methods, but it’s not for every budget, and it’s not always a great option for the client who wants a layering of color and gradients. The weddings we’re seeing of late are not stuffy. The bridesmaids are wearing what feels good on them, choosing a dress from their grandmothers’ cedar chests or Anthropologie. We’re seeing more intimate ceremonies in gardens and courtyard that focus less on a big party and more on what matters—the new family that’s beginning. So I’ve been thinking of ways our wedding paper design can more accurately reflect the feel of these simple, nature-inspired events.

We are excited to introduce Flora, a new design, created to be a reflection of that couple tied to the land and their love—not tied to the standards of wedding paper formality. The couple packaged the suite with simple seed storage packets from Williams-Sonoma and labeled and filled them with seeds from the iconic wildflower fields in Rabbit Valley, Colorado. They tied dried lavender in with gold and cream baker’s twine to complete the bundle. They make a sweet gift for the couple’s friends and family, and season after season, they are the perfect reminder: “A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love.” 

suite_linen suite_white RSVP RSVP_detail quotecard quote2 envelope envelopeinside invite angled_suite invite_detail flora

The script for the suite is painted by hand in watercolor, and all the fine text is an understated typeface taken from our old Remington typewriter. The invitations are then flat printed on 100% cotton Crane Lettra paper. The lettering choices, layered with colorful antique engravings from Furber’s Twelve Months of Flowers, published in 1730, create a composite that’s altogether modern, bohemian, and nostalgic. We’re thinking of Flora as the new flower child among her sisters in the Lucky Luxe wedding collection.

We’re also really excited to see her popping up over on Oh So Beautiful Paper in a feature today!