Introducing John Walker Rasberry

My brother and his wife have been put through the ringer in the process of adopting a newborn over the last 6 months. For years our family prayed for a baby for them, and in November he was finally born. They were the first to hold him in the hospital, the first to give him a bottle, the first to rock him to sleep. They brought him home a few days after he was born, but they couldn’t call him their son until all the legal red tape and due process were taken care of. There were a lot of rocky moments when it looked like the birth parents were going to call it off, when we thought they would not be signing the papers. It was the hardest time our family has ever been through. But on April 10, his adoption was finalized and we’ve all been able to rest in knowing he’s ours forevermore. I wrote the story of it all over on Make Something Good Today, if you’d like to hear the heartbreaking and beautiful steps along the way to bring Walker home.

And so, now I’d like to introduce to you—my godson and nephew, John Walker Rasberry. I typically don’t love photo announcements because it leaves so little room for the informational text, so I thought one way we could handle that is by flatprinting the design on vellum, and using it as an overlay on the photo of Walker. The excerpt printed on the cards was a providential comfort in the turmoil of the adoption process—as I read it from my favorite daily devotional, Streams in the Desert, the night before the court date we’d all been preparing for and worrying over.

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Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 4.38.48 PM

And now this has me thinking about developing a sister brand to Lucky Luxe for baby announcements and party invitations that we would call Little Luxe. What do you think? It would take a lot of design consideration and time to organize—but I think we’re going to do it. Stay tuned!