The Orchard Collection

Today’s post is in honor of the upcoming season, the best season of all, autumn! I am so ready for the day I get to pull my favorite old cowboy boots and purple coat out of hibernation… One of my fabulous brides is getting married this November (it will be my own 1-year anniversary. I can’t believe it!) and because she and her groom have a special affinity for all things outdoorsy and organic, I created the Orchard Collection as an option. Is there anything more autumnal than an apple? Candied apples, apple pies, apple cider, caramel apples… I could go on and on. The inks on these invites are a deep Macintosh red with metallic gold. I’d like to see the invites wrapped in twine and sealed with a red wax stamp and tucked into a kraft paper envelope. What are your thoughts?